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Kisan Smart Farmer


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About the game Kisan Smart Farmer

Kisan - Smart Farmer, a farming adventure once again

Do you love farm atmosphere? Are rural adventures something that fascinates you? Or maybe you want to see a simulation of agricultural work, which, for example, may seem completely simple to you? Take a look at the game Kisan - Smart Farmer and take on the role of a real farmer. Your job will be ... working in the field, of course. You start with what is probably the easiest plant to grow (alfalfa in this case) and then gradually move on to the next types of products as your experience, skills and competence increase.

The game Kisan - Smart Farmer is very interesting and - for a browser game - really complex. Lots of levels, each of which focuses on something else, 3D graphics and challenging challenges will attract not only children. Farming life simulation is not that easy! Start by sowing alfalfa seeds in the field. To do this, it will be necessary to drive the tractor across the field and evenly distribute the green shoots. Later, "only" they need to be watered, fertilized and harvested, and all this should be assessed in the form of stars. They are the pass to the next level for you.

Kisan - Smart Farmer can appeal to children and adults who also like driving simulators, as well as people who are satisfied with running fruitful processes - after all, a farm in such a rapidly growing form brings a lot of joy. Become a farmer for a medal by taking care of your own field in the game!

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