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Farm Hero


About the game Farm Hero

Farm Hero - become the hero of your farm

You are a farmer and your pets scattered across the meadow as a result of the downpour. They don't like being lonely, so they have sad faces. What are you doing in this situation? Of course, you try to connect them together at all costs! Farm Hero is a game in which your task is to restore order and close relations between your four-legged pupils. Fudges, pigs or dogs want to be connected with each other in a harmonious arrangement. Remember that you don't have all eternity for this - if you act too sluggishly, it may be too late to restore order.

Farm Hero is a logical pastime. There are as many as thirty levels of increasing difficulty waiting for you, and each of them challenges you. How does it work in practice? First of all, you need to focus on the correct pattern in which you have to "arrange" the rescued animals. Once you know this, gently move them around to see where they will end up. Trees, a fence, other animals and various natural obstacles stop the movement and the animal stays still. Your goal is to recreate the pattern: for example, a pig on the right side of a cow.

The patterns become more complicated with each level and the timer becomes more tight. Exercise your gray cells to complete the task as quickly and efficiently as possible, without wasting too much energy, that is: making as few movements as possible. Thanks to this, you get stars for each task. The game can be played on a computer, laptop or tablet. Children will also like it.

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