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Party games - something for a home party

Are you looking for a way to have a house party? Browse party games to find something interesting, thanks to which you will spend a good time with your loved ones. For this purpose, various proposals in the multiplayer mode work well, but also sports competitions, in which players can present their skills, and even various word games, always being a nice entertainment, generating a lot of laughter and joy.

What party games can you find among word games? The classic Hangman, which is simply a hangman, definitely reigns here. Not sure what the fun is? The atmosphere is slightly spooky, as the screen (or piece of paper) shows several boxes or dashes corresponding to the number of letters in the cipher word, and sometimes also the category from which the password comes. Then the players successively suggest letters that may appear there. If the shot is successful, the mark appears in its place (in a box or on a dash). If not, a drawing of a gallows begins to appear next to it. When it comes to drawing all the parts of the hangman - game over, it's game over!

Hangman comes in various versions, so everyone will find something for themselves. In addition to Classic and Internet Hangman, you can also find Kids Hangman - a version for children, Hangman Challenge, a challenge for demanding people, and an atmospheric, even more chilling Halloween Hangman option. Each of them has an interesting selection of passwords that you have to deal with.

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