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Penguin Cafe


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About the game Penguin Cafe

Penguin Cafe - a penguin cafe

You are the Penguin Bertha and you operate a cafe built in a cozy igloo, probably carved in an Antarctic glacier. Penguin Cafe is its (admittedly, not too surprising) name. Kind-hearted Pingwinka is responsible for full service of guests and tables, taking orders and serving delicacies. Be sure to communicate precisely with the kitchen crew to keep all customers happy! However, if there is any misunderstanding, the mistakes are solved with an apology and a quick fix. The wrong order ends up in the garbage can, unfortunately.

Penguin Cafe requires you to coordinate and act efficiently. The first level starts with one table, but in the next ones you have to quickly serve the table so that the next guest can sit at it. Divide the time between all the characters entering - otherwise someone will be dissatisfied and you will get fewer stars! At each level, you have a minimum amount of earnings that must appear in your account at the end of the day. Act efficiently and conscientiously carry out all your orders to raise funds. What can you do with them later? For example, purchase new tools that will improve your work, or a map to a secret ingredient that changes your life.

Playing Penguin Cafe is very simple and rewarding, and the colorful characters - most of them very nice. Invite your child to play with him and let him get into the cafe simulation!



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