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Penguins - charming representatives of the fauna of the South Pole

Are you interested in Penguins as much as the hero of the popular Netflix series Atypical? Or maybe you are fascinated by the polar regions of the planet and would like to explore the world of their fascinating inhabitants? The penguin games are a nice reference to these issues. Cartoon versions of animals in some versions can behave like humans, and in others - they show patterns of behavior typical of penguins.

The first category includes Penguin Cafe and Penguin Diner games. These are restaurant and cafe running simulators, in which you play the role of the very nice waitress Berta. Your task is to move between the tables in a cozy igloo and to serve customers (they are also penguins). You have to find a clean table for everyone, hand over the menu, collect the order, then deliver the finished dish to the table, and then - clean it up and take the money. Remember that guests are impatient and you have a detailed financial goal for each working day!

Another proposition is the Penguin Dive game, in which you also move as a nice penguin, but in a more typical way for this species - you dive in order to get food. You have to collect fish that will give you points and strength, and avoid tricky jellyfish that take away the above. Check how deep you can swim, cleverly avoiding the obstacles in your way. Move as you like - using a mouse, keyboard or touch screen.

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