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Shooting balls - colorful entertainment full of impressions

In onlygames.io you will find dozens of games that allow you to shoot balls. These are cult titles that gather a huge number of fans around the world thanks to their simple yet very addictive rules. They come in many versions with different boards. They have one thing in common - colorful balls constantly trying to occupy the entire space on the screen. Your task is to prevent this by directing the projectiles to the corresponding color elements.

Just try bubble shooter once and you'll never let it go! All games tagged with this tag can completely absorb the attention of users of all ages. Whether you're in elementary school or as an adult, you're looking for a way to escape your daily responsibilities. Bubble shooters guarantee you unforgettable fun. If you are bored, be sure to try one of the available titles. You won't regret it!

What do bubble shooter games look like? As you have already learned, you have to shoot colored projectiles at balls of identical colors. When you form a group of at least 3 elements of the same shade in this way, you score points. The game ends when the balls take up all the available space, because your misses cause the number of colored balls to increase. So you have to be careful to hit the target regularly. And when the balls form complex shapes, it's not always easy.

Individual games are based either on beating your own records or going through increasingly difficult stages. Some consist in shooting balls sliding down from above at the wall, while others, for example, at a rotating board. Some contain various variations, such as special backgrounds, story additions or interesting bonuses. For example, when you hit a certain ball from the map, you remove more elements than with standard hits.

Doesn't shooting the balls get boring after a long time? Nothing more wrong! The gameplay is sometimes enhanced by nice characters, such as a cheerful monkey in Monkey Bubble Shooter. They show up on the screen from time to time, for example between stages. For high scores you get coins or other virtual currency to spend in the shop. There you can buy special bonuses that make it easier to play on more difficult levels, when shooting the balls becomes more complicated.

Want to find out how addictive it is? Check out all the bubble shooter games to see why they are hugely popular with internet users and users of our onlygames.io platform. Hundreds of covers of this species have been created in recent years, and although everyone knows exactly what to expect, everyone spends hours playing this game without getting bored. Undoubtedly, bubble shooters are at the forefront of the category among browser and mobile games throughout their history. You see - you just have to try them. don't delay!

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