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Hen house - classic internet entertainment

Do you know the Kurnik website? This popular portal, operating since ancient times, almost the beginning of the Internet, became famous for its various offers of online games. What does it offer? These are browser versions of games known from the analog world, such as simple board games or party or party games. Play against your friend, sister or mom with whom you spend time, or choose the computer opponent of different skill levels.

One of the classic ideas that you will find under the slogan Chicken Coop is, of course, the queen of all games - chess. Chess Mania, Master Chess Multiplayer or Checkers Legend are all games that are based on traditional rules, but each of them has various, minor or larger, modifications. Even if you haven't had an opportunity to learn chess yet, you can find it here - the tutorials will help you understand how the pieces move, who starts and what decides when to win. Train yourself and become a champion like the heroine of the Queen's Gambit.

Another popular and beloved game offered by Kurnik is Ludo, also known as Chinaman or Human, among others, don't get irritated. It's a really simple, quite random game that you can also play with your kids - they'll surely get the rules in no time! Move your pawns around the board, basing on the number of spots the dice will show. Take into account that in some versions, meeting other players in the same space may mean returning to base!

aplikacja mobilna