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Microsoft Bubble - remove all bubbles

Bubble Shooter browser games are one of the most popular not only among relatively young people, children and students, but also among representatives of a slightly older generation. For good reason - games like Microsoft Bubble are not only simple, but also extremely addictive. A multitude of levels, a multitude of colors or a number of possibilities when it comes to combinations allow you to discover something new in the game all the time.

Do you know how many levels there are in Microsoft Bubble? As many as 100! How long will it take you to complete them all? Take into account that the difficulty level is constantly being increased, so towards the end you will have to do quite a bit of brainstorming to achieve satisfying results. However, start with the simplest one - you still need to get a little familiar with this type of game (if you don't already have it) and then get used to it. Also familiarize yourself with the basic rules - you throw a colored ball towards the cluster suspended above you and try to connect at least three identical ones. In fact, usually the more, the better!

When planning the tactics of the game, watch what color will be in your cannon next. It may turn out that a small substitution would be an interesting play, and if so, you have the right to take advantage of it. Also, remember that as you complete a level, you collect points that will later guarantee you the appropriate level of stars. Three golden intriguing objects can be obtained in each level.

Where can I find more points? Unlike ordinary balls, Microsoft Bubble grants bonuses for, for example... Bouncing the ball off the wall! Change the ball's trajectory by directing it towards a fixed obstacle and earn double or quadruple points for it. This is a unique satisfaction!

Microsoft Bubble is your new way to spend a break at work or school, a long bus or train journey. Give yourself some pleasant entertainment! Can you get all 300 stars?

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