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Bomb It 4


About the game Bomb It 4

Bomb It 4 - Bomber for advanced players

Are you excited about shooters and all sorts of competitive games? You've come to the right place - Bomb It 4 is waiting for you, which is the perfect version of the classic Bomber. You will find here not only an opportunity to fight for wits, reflexes and intelligence, but also a number of options to make the whole game more attractive. Set yourself up for fun and unusual emotions, but first decide in what conditions you will start playing.

Game settings are advanced and allow for a lot of variety. Each time the game can look completely different! Start with game mode. There are four available - Arcade (Kill All Enemies), Battle Royale, Coin Collector and Tile Tag. Here you have to kill all the enemies, there a great battle breaks out, and in another occasion you also have to collect gold coins scattered around the battlefield. The second criterion you need to pay attention to is the number of players. It's simple - you play alone, you choose 1. Do you have a companion? – there is also room for two players!

Another thing you can influence when planning a game is the number of enemies. Here the range is from 0 to 3, and it also depends somewhat on the game mode. Then decide how many levels your Bomb It 4 game will have - 5, 10, 15 or maybe 20? Now it's time for the game location - choose a completely random or specific one, for example, a wedding ceremony space, a pizzeria, a volcanic crater, a basketball court or a secret garden. Difficulty levels are classic - from easy to medium to hard.

How to play Bomb It 4?

The answer is simple - so as to score as many points as possible, and at the same time not to be approached by opponents! Set various traps for them, discovering more and more spaces to play. Over time, you will gain access to more sophisticated weapons, making your approaches more effective. Train your reflexes and anticipate your opponent's movements to quickly and effectively deal with all enemy characters. Good luck!

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