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Games for 2 people - PvP ("player versus player") allow you to play both on one computer and online with players from around the world. Gameplay varies depending on the title of the game - players can face off in a chess game, on the pitch or on the battlefield.

Popular game genres that allow you to play against other players are "battle royale" (players are on a limited map), sports managers, strategy games and shooters.

Some titles are typical 2-player games with a two-player game (often on one computer), others are more complex, and at the same time hundreds of players compete online. Some simple browser games, mostly arcade and logic, focus on the possibility of multiplayer games on one computer using one keyboard, others require the use of a phone (or other mobile device0) and connecting players via bluetooth or the Internet.

Games for 2 people often have rankings or lists of players who have completed subsequent levels in the game - this allows you to compare your results with other rivals.

aplikacja mobilna