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Bomb it - be a real master of detonation

Do you know Bomber games? Ahead of you is a challenge like in the classic Bomber, only even more interesting! Choose one of several colorful characters that you can move around (based on any convenient criterion) and place bombs in such a way as to destroy obstacles, as well as organize ... nice meetings with other players. Bomb it is a dynamic gameplay - a lot is going on and you need to have your eyes around your head! Don't let a bomb under your nose, use colorful bonuses and facilities, as well as additional weapons to score as many points as possible.

Bomb it is all about fun with rapidly growing points. Look for clever ways to outsmart your opponents and find a way out in seemingly hopeless situations. Use portals that magically transport you to other sides and do not get lost in the complicated maze. You move with arrows, and with the space bar you leave a surprise in the form of a bomb. Sounds simple, doesn't it? Initially, you have your own corner of the board, but over time you make your way to your opponents. The next levels bring new surprises!

Bomb it comes in several different versions - there are as many as seven! Each of them has a new theme and a changing scenery, you can also choose the difficulty level, number of levels or players. Invite your sister or friend to play with you and see who is better at eliminating opponents!

aplikacja mobilna