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In 1983, a Japanese company produced an arcade game that turned out to be a great success. Bomberman has been transferred to many platforms to this day and is appreciated by millions of players around the world. Bomberman was originally a single player game.

The player's task in normal mode (bomberman single player game) is to plant bombs in order to destroy computer-controlled opponents. With the help of bombs you can also destroy some walls, thus changing the board on which we are playing. As time passes, or you pass through the levels, more and more enemies appear on the board, which increases the difficulty level. By breaking the bricks in the walls, you can find bonuses, e.g. increasing the speed of the character or the ability to set more bombs at the same time.

In the "battle" mode, several players meet on one map at the same time, trying to eliminate each other while avoiding opponents. An interesting title that takes the world of Bomberman into a space atmosphere is Exploder.io. Retro graphics and the rules of the game strongly refer to the classic version of the game from several decades ago. Many people may recall the popular bomberman-style game Dyna Blaster.

Bombing games are dexterous, and the player needs very good reflexes and planning a few moves forward. Otherwise, our bomberman will be destroyed by the bombs he has planted.

aplikacja mobilna