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Castle Defense


About the game Castle Defense

Castle Defense is an arcade Tower Defense game with RPG elements. The Mighty Magician defends his castle against hordes of fantasy creatures. Help him to defend himself! Upgrade your castle and skills, because there will only be more and more enemies. Good luck!

About Castle Defense

Castle Defense arcade game is a gameplay maintained in a fantasy atmosphere, in which you have to show real persistence, reflexes and accuracy. Take on the role of a wizard and defeat the incoming hordes of enemies. Become your castle defender in the free Tower Defense browser game on Game Planet.

Castle Defense game

When the last fortress is besieged by dark invaders, only the best mage and his secret powers can save it. The free online game Castle Defense combines RPG and arcade shooter elements. The game consists in shooting at the incoming enemy army, which consists of, among others, evil forces such as orcs, giant bats or black magicians. What matters here is speed and accuracy, as well as the ability to dispose of gold in order to improve the most necessary attributes.

In Castle Defense, the character selected by the player can be improved and equipped with better and better equipment to even more effectively repel the enemy's pressure. The defensive tower itself and the surrounding walls can also be strengthened, thus acquiring special attacks, such as fireball, ice lightning or poisonous projectiles.

After each attack wave in Castle Defense, the player receives a reward of gold coins, a larger amount after winning a round, and a slightly smaller amount after defeating. So if you don't manage to defeat your opponents right away, nothing is lost, after distributing skill points, you can try again with more power. Play now the browser game Castle Defense absolutely free, become a legendary mage and defender of the stronghold.

Features of Castle Defense

  • Tower Defense arcade game;
  • Addictive gameplay with elements of character development;
  • Colorful graphics in a fantasy style;
  • New skills and attributes to acquire;
  • Unforgettable battles with increasingly powerful opponents.
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