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Kingdom Rush


About the game Kingdom Rush

Kingdom Rush - a strategy that requires effective planning

Tower defense games have been known for a long time. They quickly gathered a group of admirers, because under the superficial layer of simplicity, there is a place to work out your opponent in the style of a great leader. There are many proposals of this type, but only one allows for long-term fun in eliminating hundreds or even thousands of waves of enemies in such a way that each game is different.

In Kingdom Rush, the gameplay system is as follows: you set up turrets, then a group of monsters pass through, and the task of these architectural elements is to stop them before they reach their destination point. If this art is successful, you build new towers or upgrade the ones already built. Then another, usually larger wave of enemies starts moving - until you manage to stop them all. It seems simple, doesn't it? Nothing could be more wrong! The seemingly uncomplicated gameplay with each level opens new doors from which more and more cunning monsters emerge.

Opponents are not passive in all this. The weaker ones attack in larger groups, while the persistent ones require a lot of firepower to overcome. There will also be those clearly faster, and even… Flying. The selection of the type of turrets, as well as their positioning points, become more important with each successive wave. A minor mistake can result in loss of life and maybe even many. Fortunately, in Kingdom Rush you can choose from a range of artillery, archers, mages or knights who will stop enemy aggressors with their own breasts.

For lovers of the toughest challenges, special modifiers and additional boards are prepared, requiring unconventional solutions. If you feel ready, don't wait, just start - after all, practice makes perfect. You can try as much as you want, so nothing prevents you from deliberately making mistakes in order to learn about the opponent's tactics. It's also a lot of fun to compete with friends, because everyone has exactly the same sets of boards and possibilities. Test yourself! Who's better in Kingdom Rush?

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