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Fantasy games - for fans of alternative reality

Are you tempted by fantastic atmosphere straight from popular novels or series? The gray reality is not enough for you and do you prefer the magically colored one? Fantasy games are a whole section of great fantastic titles for you to find your new favorite time-lover. Sit comfortably in an armchair, on the couch or wherever you want and move into the colorful world of attractions, where there are many things to discover in front of you.

Heroes of Myth is a fantasy series game where you travel through time and space to mythical antiquity. You control a legion of characters tasked with defending your territory against dangerous intruders - sinister skeletons and other strange creatures. Use all your resources: the money you spend on weapons as well as shields and protection spells to get rid of your opponents and thus protect the native lands. There are many levels to complete, and if it seems easy at first, don't worry - it will change quickly!

The atmosphere of fantasy games in the cute and colorful category can be found, among others, in Cute Little Dragon Creator. Do you dream of a home pet, but allergies or other circumstances prevent you from implementing this idea? Adopt your own dragon! You can decide what it will look like - from the shape of the eyes or nose, to patterns on the body, to clothes and decorations. Make friends with this friendly creature from a fantastic world, tame it!

aplikacja mobilna