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Tower defense

Cursed Treasure 1½


About the game Cursed Treasure 1½

Cursed Treasure 1½ online: The return of heroes and new challenges!

Play Cursed Treasure 1½ now for free and defend the treasures of evil once again! The decade of peace has come to an end, and hordes of "good" heroes are back to take your last gems. Cursed Treasure 1½ online is a continuation of the well-known "tower defense" strategy with new challenges and RPG elements.

In the free online game Cursed Treasure 1½ you will find:

  • new levels and improved graphics - discover 15 different levels and feel the magic of the enchanted treasure in even better graphics
  • Expanded Range of Towers and Traps - Choose from 12 unique towers and 8 diabolical traps to build an impenetrable defense
  • Powerful Spells and Abilities - Cast devastating spells and develop dark Overlord skills to wreak chaos among heroes
  • improved development system - strengthen your forces, upgrade towers and discover new spells to become a powerful sorcerer Cursed Treasure 1½ online
  • new heroes and bosses – face 10 new types of heroes and 3 epic bosses who will stand in your way to save the treasures
  • competition and rankings - show your skills against other players and fight for the title of the best Lord of Cursed Treasure 1½ online
  • Cursed Treasure 1½ online is not only a game, but also an engaging story told from the perspective of the Lord. Learn more about the dark game world and discover the secrets of the vault you must defend.

Play Cursed Treasure 1½ online now and start the epic fight for gold!

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