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Cursed Treasure


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About the game Cursed Treasure

Cursed Treasure online: Gold vs. Heroes - Save the dark treasures!

In the dark world of Cursed Treasure online, evil meets good! Take on the role of the Lord, a powerful sorcerer whose task is to protect the treasury against hordes of "good" heroes. Use your wits, strategy and the power of dark forces to repel the attack and save the gold! Cursed Treasure online is not only a tower defense game, but also an engaging story told from the perspective of the Lord. Face hordes of knights, paladins and other heroes who want to take your jewels and restore "justice". Remember - you are the personification of evil and your goal is the triumph of dark forces! Grow your dark empire by strengthening your army of orcs, undead and demons. Set diabolical traps, place powerful defense towers and sow chaos among the attackers. Use dark magic and clever tactics to outsmart the heroes and defeat them in an epic battle for gold! Prove that no one can defend treasures like you and become a legend in the dark world of Cursed Treasure online!

The free Cursed Treasure game includes:

  • unique game mechanics combining strategy, tower defense and RPG elements
  • a gripping story told from the Ruler's perspective
  • development and improvements - strengthen your forces, improve traps and towers, discover new spells
  • dark atmosphere and beautiful graphics - feel the magic of the enchanted treasure

Play Cursed Treasure online now and start the epic fight for gold!

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