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Castle - defense of the majestic territory

Imagine that you are the steward of a mighty castle, into the territory of which unauthorized guests want to enter. What are you doing? As the owner of the stronghold, you draw all your weapons and accumulate strength to prevent a tragedy! If you want to tackle a task in which the castle plays the main role, check out the offers from the Tower Defense and War Games categories, and you will surely find something for yourself.

One of such options is the game Takeover, which is a great, extensive game in which you manage the entire kingdom. At first glance, it may resemble classics such as The Settlers or Anno, but in its case it is all about medieval combat realities. Equip your crew with the appropriate equipment and go to battle to defend your own territory, and then expand it, taking over other territories by armed forces. You are the head and neck of the entire operation, so you must act with great care - a lot is going on here! Start with the tutorial, then you won't get lost.

Your beautiful castle is being attacked by single villains, so you have to get rid of them again and again - to put it mildly - by knocking them off their feet. Castle Defender Saga has nice 3D graphics, and with every shot you hit correctly, you can watch a short animation to fill yourself with pride and glory. In each level (or actually every day) you have a set plan to be carried out - information on how many intruders you have to deal with. Take a convenient position in the tower and shoot - otherwise unwanted guests could knock you down and take over your territory!

aplikacja mobilna