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Police Chase Real Cop Driver


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Police Chase Real Cop Driver - thrilling investigation

Do you want a bit of adrenaline without getting up from your armchair, and - most importantly - without the real motive of a conflict with the law? Police Chase Real Cop Driver gives you the chance to play the role of a proud law enforcement officer. You are a muscular character that moves around the city running, and when you have mysteriously accumulated sufficient funds to buy a vehicle - you switch to a car that will allow you to move much faster and without losing energy.

Police Chase Real Cop Driver is a dynamic simulator which - as a seemingly simple browser game - has been very interestingly refined in terms of graphics. You control the main character with the arrows on your keyboard. You switch vehicles, rock the city in fantastic cars (including a motorcycle!), Track down bad guys and save the world. It sounds noble, interesting and really addictive! Do not be asked any longer - fire up and test for yourself.


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