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Shooting games - train your reflexes, coordination and beat every opponent!

Games of this genre are some of the most important productions in the history of gaming - who does not remember the legendary Doom or Quake? Today, thanks to the availability of technology, you can run much more complex games not only on a laptop or desktop computer, but also on a smartphone or tablet. Destroy all enemies in the blink of an eye in a variety of shooting games available!

Shooters are an extremely popular genre - it's hard to find a setting in which a game of this kind is not embedded. Mafia games and gang feuds? A classic of the genre. A production based on terrifying urban legends? There are also plenty of these. Or maybe you want to play something that refers to movie classics, such as Jurassic Park or Dawn of the Dead? You will certainly find something for yourself. Productions referring to full-fledged PC and console games, such as Cyberpunk or Grand Theft Auto, are also available a whole lot. You will also find a lot of games referring to the latest trends, such as Squid Game - there are plenty of shooters related to the world of this series.

Shooters are most often FPP (First Person Position) games, i.e. the player sees their world presented from the perspective of the main character. Games of this genre are also sometimes called shooters or FPS (First Person Shooter) games. Their goal is to quickly eliminate opponents in order to complete a level or mission, or to gain a certain amount of points for a completed task. The gameplay is usually very dynamic and requires a quick reaction, although there are some exceptions, e.g. hunter simulators. Such productions focus on the player's patience, finding the right angle for the shot, and then hunting the game. The action element is limited in them, which will certainly appeal to players looking for a slightly calmer shooter.

It is not hard to guess that in shooters the most important gameplay parameter is accuracy - focus on the enemy's head and you will pass even the most difficult level. Don't forget to look for cover to reload your weapon so that you don't remain defenseless in the field of fire of your enemies. It is also important to choose the target correctly. Many shooters have special systems for detecting where on the enemy's body you deal damage. It is not hard to guess that you will defeat all opponents much faster and more effectively when aiming at the head (famous headshots) and the body. Less effective shots focus on the limbs and usually deal less damage to the enemy.

The arsenal of weapons available in shooters is usually related to the specific scenery in which the game takes place. In futuristic games, it is easy to find unusual types of weapons, such as deadly lasers. Games focused on hunting simulation - as a rule, they try to reproduce sophisticated models of hunting weapons as faithfully as possible, with particular emphasis on the so-called. collimators, thanks to which you can easily hit even small, fast-moving game. Sniper rifles and rifles are the bread and butter of hunting shooting games.

Interesting items are shooters referring to the aesthetics of cartoons. A popular genre years ago were shooters with the so-called stickmen, i.e. simplified images of people, usually consisting of a few lines and a circle. Game developers have drawn inspiration from this style of drawing to create games like Stickman Team Force and other titles focused on fast, uncompromising action. Another inspiration on which shooters are often created are urban legends. One of them is the aforementioned Slender Man, based on which a whole lot of shooters in a slightly horror style were created.

The world of shooters is very wide thematically, and every fan of fast action will find something for themselves - no matter if they like horror, cartoons, popular series or movies.

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