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About the game Shot Trigger

Shot Trigger - stop because I'm shooting!

Do you like action games where things happen a lot and quickly? You'll like Shot Trigger! It is a game that you can play not only in your web browser, but also on your smartphone - it is perfectly adapted to this type of mobile devices. Collect newer and newer weapons as you run around the city, defeat enemies, and help innocent civilians.

Level up by gathering experience, skills and money, for which you will be able to unlock new tools. Have fun discharging yourself on the drawn villains. These types of shooters allow you to discharge negative emotions, such as anger or frustration. For some, it is enough to shoot a little in an innocent way and their attitude towards the world improves immediately. However, Shot Trigger is quite brutal, making it unlikely to be suitable for children - you move around and kill, but if you miss - you'll likely get shot yourself. The limited number of cartridges definitely doesn't make the job any easier!

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