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GTA - become a law enforcement officer in a suspicious neighborhood

Fancy a GTA-style game but with role reversed? Become a policeman who keep order and chase various thugs through the streets of the city. You have to earn respect and recognition, therefore, to take part in spectacular and interesting campaigns, you first need to gain some experience, and above all - money that will allow you to develop. You can choose from two game modes in the same spirit - test both of them and decide what you like better.

The first option is Police Chase Real Cop Driver. You play the role of a policeman and move through the streets of the city looking for traces of a crime. At first you don't have a penny to your side, so you have to search for portals with dollars to afford a police car or a gun. Once you get there, the fun jumps to a whole new level. You move your character using the arrows and cursor. A GTA game is well prepared in terms of graphics.

The second option is Miami Crime Simulator 3D. Here, too, you become a policeman who tries to clear the city of all villains and you move around using the keyboard. Run through the streets with your gun in hand, or get into a tank and simply run over the villains to a bloody pulp. Regardless of the technique, you have a certain number of people to knock down in a given level, an appropriate supply of ammunition and a timer that ticks from the first second you enter the battlefield. Get ready for an exciting and full of surprises gameplay.

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