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About the game Mr. Hunter

Mr. Hunter - clever hunting

Welcome to the real hunting simulator. A shiny sniper rifle with a laser scope, a number of live ammunition in the magazine, some provisions and a drink in the backpack are the basic set of every lover of precise hunting from a safe distance. Adjust the sharpness of the optical instrument to fit your eye perfectly, make sure the magazine is full, that you have enough energy ... You don't want to let the bears get too close when you think of taking a nap.

In the game Mr. Hunter awaits you with a variety of logical challenges that you need to keep your nerves on. Don't be scared by the sound of the gunshot. It's best to get ear muffs so that your eardrums can withstand the moment you pull the trigger. Many a hunter had hearing problems after an accidental shot. Keep an eye on your laser line and don't hesitate to fire your shot if you are all set to hit a target, or maybe two.

In the later stages, logical thinking will be very important, because you will have to destroy crates, avoid moving beams, cleverly use the planned ricochet or even hit targets hidden under the surface of the water. Hunting is not just about shooting stationary objects - it's full awareness of the objects around you, the environment you are in, and a perfect sense of the moment you pull the trigger. Mr. Hunter will test the skills of every shooting amateur. Nevertheless, the authors assure that no animal suffered during the development of the game.

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