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Hunting in virtual reality

Hunting animals is not infamous for nothing. Nowadays people, instead of a real shotgun, are more and more willing to use the virtual one offered by shooting simulators. Free browser games with hunting as their main theme are very popular and come in different versions. If you don't know any game of this type yet, find out which one is the best to get into the fun as well. Go hunting!

2D games are based on flat pictures - for example, Mr. Hunter and other parts in this series. What does this game look like? Equipped with the right defensive equipment and the right equipment, you set off in search of wildlife. The confrontation with the game happens very quickly - at the very beginning you fire a shot to avoid being eaten. Use the cursor to set the angle of the shot, press the trigger, and after winning the trophy, you go to the next level. Seems simple? Give it a try!

Another type of game where hunting comes to the fore are those that use more advanced 3D technology - for example, Lion Hunting 3D. As a hunter, equipped with the appropriate weapons, you go to the savanna, where you traverse the endless steppes, you track wild animals. Keep your eyes around your head and catch every little rustle - don't be surprised. Develop your skills and earn more trophies, there is only one winner!

aplikacja mobilna