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Wild Hunt - crazy online hunting fun

Is there a wild predator in you? Can you feel the call of blood? Wild Hunt is a category of games made just for you. Hunting simulators, such as Sniper Wolf Hunter - thanks to the possibility of playing the role of a hunter - provide a lot of entertainment. Most games of this type belong to the category of shooters - here, too, the fun is about moving with a gun and looking for a moving target. Wolves, deer or bears hide from you cleverly, and when in danger they can be really dangerous - watch out for yourself!

Wild Hunt: Jungle Sniper Shooter is also an FPS (First Person Shooter) game. Decide where you want to play - in a forest, village, or land of ice - and then start hunting. Move quietly and agile so as not to scare the game or fall victim to the attack of wild creatures. Meet the challenges ahead to move on to the next stage. Contrary to appearances, it's not that easy!

Jungle Dino Hunter represents an unusual variety of Wild Hunt games. The rules are similar - you get a gun, you move around by searching the area, and you track game. However, this time the target is ... dinosaurs! Travel back in time and feel the role of people fighting these strange genres only in fantasy movies. Have a great time, reach new levels and gain recognition among your hunting brothers. However, remember that Wild Hunt games are really drastic - they are not fun for kids.

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