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About the game Lion Hunting 3D

Lion Hunting 3D - Safari with a thrill

Lion Hunting 3D is a game in which you play the role of a hunter and travel through the vast terrain of the savannah. Your task is to track lions and shoot them, and for the hunting trophies you earn, you can improve your arsenal and become a better and better hunter. There are different terrains you have to move through and the 3D technology created on the unity engine allows for a perfect graphic and aesthetic experience. You observe the world from your character's position, hold your weapons and move around the board in search of a moving target. Look for the moment when it becomes as still as possible to get a good shot. A completely missed shot doesn't matter, but hurting the animal and not killing it can make it angry, so be careful.

Lion Hunting 3D has elements that are not necessarily child-friendly, so it is rather entertainment for adults. The exotic hunting business is a profitable profession: animal skins and bodies are immediately sold, so you can afford to buy better and better weapons. This keeps the game going! With the experience gained, the possibility of broadening the perspective and visiting new places grows. Unlock them all to become a true safari master.

You have a specific number of stars to earn for each level of a particular location. Try to act quickly, hit accurately and deal with the tasks entrusted to you efficiently. Don't get attacked by these wild cats - it can end up really bad ...

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