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Dinosaur Hunter Survival


About the game Dinosaur Hunter Survival

Dinosaur Hunter Survival - hunt a dinosaur

People in the age of dinosaurs or dinosaurs in the age of humans? Regardless of which way the time shift has occurred, you somehow find yourself in the dinosaur reality. You come to a clearing with an appropriate weapon on your shoulder and your task is to track down and destroy a specific number of individuals. At the same time, you must remember that you are enemies to each other, so not only do you track dinosaurs, but they also track you. Don't get approached and bitten: be vigilant, listen for sounds nearby and ideally just keep your eyes around your head. These are methods that always work!

Dinosaur Hunter Survival is a game for the brave and clever. At the top left of the screen you can see a heart that represents your health level. Being bitten by a dinosaur automatically lowers this level, so it is even more important to stay away from them. Become the most famous hunter of prehistoric creatures and get trophies that will lead you to the next stage of the game.

As you can imagine, Dinosaur Hunter Survival becomes more and more difficult with each new level. To cope with the entrusted mission, you need reflexes, a bit of cunning and precision at the highest level. Practice the accuracy and quality of shots and make sure that you position yourself properly each time - at a safe distance so that nothing gets hurt, but close enough to be able to hit easily. Use the arrows and shoot with the mouse.

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