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Drift Boss


About the game Drift Boss

Drift Boss - feel like the king or queen of the wilderness

Are racing games something that stimulates your adrenaline production, ensuring a great mood for a long time? Forget the classic Need For Speed or other titles of this type - drive your car around the track in Drift Boss and become the king or queen of the wild tracks. You don't need a helmet, pads or even a car - Onlygames provides everything here. All you need is a comfortable place to sit, a computer or a mobile device to set off on an adventure in life!

As is usually the case with professional recreational service, you will not enter the track without proper training. Check how the vehicle is controlled, then test the appropriate keys - holding down the spacebar makes you turn right, and releasing it makes you turn left relative to the track. Theoretically, that's all the game requires of you, but you'll see that it's not that simple! One false move can send you off the track and, unfortunately, you will never return to it (at least in this game).

Remember not only to focus on pressing the spacebar at the right moment along the way, but also to admire the beautiful views and, of course, collect the coins scattered in front of you. They will allow you later, as in real life, to have a head start in various matters - for example, to fix something in the car or buy sensible insurance. Drift Boss is therefore an extremely lifelike game in this respect.

It can be said that due to the ease of commands, Drift Boss will also work as a proposition for children. It is enough that they try to click the right key at the right moment, and in case of failure, nothing will happen. For everyone, it is a good, calming training of perceptiveness, reflexes and coordination. Take care of precise maneuvers and collect all the prizes scattered on the board, and if you present the game to the little ones - try not to let them feel frustrated. It won't always be super simple! If the spacebar is inconvenient for you, you can alternatively use a mouse or touchpad.

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