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Rabbits - hop sa sa for fun and victory

What do these cute animals like rabbits associate with? One of the first things any child will undoubtedly mention is the ability to make fascinatingly long jumps. Next to this, there will probably be features of appearance, such as beautiful long ears, characteristic teeth and tail, or a love of carrots and lettuce. These are quite interesting pets! You can meet them in many browser games as the main characters of fantastic adventures.

One of such games is Rabbit Ben. This is a platformer from the animals category, in which you have to move between the tiles in front of you, collect coins (and maybe other gadgets?) And avoid malicious languages. The latter can hurt you, that is, simply block a given level, telling you to start all over again. So be smarter and hop between fields without making mistakes. Good luck!

Another option in which the lovable rabbits appear is Funny Bunny Logic. Here is a great puzzle in which you must make it easier for the title Funny Rabbit to get to the other side of the tanks with lava or other unpleasant substances. Each of these places is made of tiles that must be clicked with the mouse or finger (on the touch screen), thus conjuring up green grass panels on them (the rabbit can move on them). At the beginning, the task is trivial - click and that's it. Then the stairs begin as each field is connected to another. You have to do some work!

aplikacja mobilna