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The browser car races were created for fans of four wheels with petrol flowing through their veins. Regardless of whether you are racing by car, motorcycle, horseback or otherwise, the goal is the same: complete the route in the shortest possible time, overtaking your opponents. Some online car races are multiplayer - then the player has the opportunity to cross the finish line before other players from around the world.

As you win successive car races, the player unlocks new maps, vehicles and upgrades for your machine. Additional tasks performed while completing the route (e.g. performing tricks, destroying opponents, keeping your car undamaged) are a chance for additional points and a better place in the ranking of players.

Racing games have been known to fans of computer games for a long time. The variety of titles and themes presented in them, as well as different rules of the game, means that they never get bored. From traditional racing to street sprints with tuned cars from lights to lights called "drag racing". Browser racing is often available for free, and you can find a lot of free titles that can provide a lot of entertainment.

aplikacja mobilna