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Road Fury


About the game Road Fury

The arcade action game Road Fury is a car with an armed vehicle that rushes along the highway and faces various dangers. There are several cars to choose from with different weapon systems that must first be unlocked. Each of them can also be upgraded with coins collected during a crazy ride. Therefore, do not forget to collect money, because in order to survive longer, you need to spend it on weapon tuning. Go! We recommend!

Roar of engines, burnt tires, gunshots, explosions and deadly speed! No, this is not a description of the latest action movie, it is a daily reality for every Road Fury player - crazy racing with a touch of total destruction. Play Road Fury now for free on Game Planet and show everyone that compared to you, the fast and the furious should have a leaf stuck on the back window!

Is the smell of exhaust fumes and screeching tires your element? Then you absolutely have to try Road Fury arcade game, where driving without holding hands is normal. Drive along the highway to the rhythm of hard rock music and shoot everything that stands in your way. Road Fury is a game in which you become the driver of a super-fast and heavily armed vehicle, and your task is to drive as far as possible, avoiding damage and eliminating cars getting in your way. You get small coins for damage done to regular cars, but it's enough to destroy a special vehicle to get extra bonuses. For example, for destroying a taxi, you can get a magnet for catching small change or super nitro acceleration, banknotes fall out of the convoy, and an ambulance will regenerate your damage. From time to time, tankers also appear on the route, and shooting them down causes a gigantic explosion that destroys everything around.

You start the game with a starting lightly armored car. The money you earn while driving can be invested in its tuning by strengthening the body armor, upgrading the front cannon and buying the side cannon. In order to unlock more cars, you have to put in some effort and meet certain conditions, e.g. reach the required level, destroy a certain number of cars, drive the right amount of kilometers, etc. It is worth equipping yourself with the best, most tuned vehicles, because from time to time you will meet a Boss on your way and with him no more jokes. The powerful car leaves behind deadly missiles and shoots destructive rockets, and thanks to its strong armor, it is not easy to destroy it. However, if you manage to defeat him, you move on to the next level. Each level is getting more and more difficult, the road is getting more and more crowded, and in addition to cars there are numerous obstacles, e.g. holes in the asphalt, which must be avoided.

The browser game Road Fury is great fun and an irreplaceable way to relieve any stress. The visual setting of the game is quite simple, which absolutely does not diminish the level of satisfaction from the game, and even makes the game have its own unique atmosphere. Jump in now, behind the wheel of your cart and show everyone around that you are definitely not worth messing with.

Road Fury features

- Racing game with demolition elements;

- Three unlockable vehicles;

- Ability to tune cars;

- Increasingly difficult levels and Bosses to beat;

- Deadly reckless driving.

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