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Water Sort Puzzle


About the game Water Sort Puzzle

Water Sort Puzzle - logical entertainment in the laboratory

Are you tempted by colored reagents in chemical laboratories? Water Sort Puzzle is fun for you. Sort the mixed colors of liquids in separate beakers and achieve the next level. Remember to use gloves and take precautions against contact with potentially hazardous substances!

The Water Sort Puzzle game starts really innocently - we have two test tubes, each with a little liquid in one color. Then it ceases to be so colorful - and in fact - it is just beginning! With each subsequent level, the level of difficulty systematically increases, making you have to really start to logically combine.

Cleverness and methodical work will surely lead you to laboratory success. Water Sort Puzzle works great as a gymnastics for gray cells when you need a moment of relaxation, but the best way to relax is playing with a challenge. Check how far you will go in the virtual world of rainbow reagents and don't get confused - a dangerous explosion may occur!

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aplikacja mobilna