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TrollFace Quest: USA 1


About the game TrollFace Quest: USA 1

Uncle Sam wants you to sort this out! Are you looking for something fun to play and a little brain exercise by the way? Solve a series of puzzles and don't let the characters with caricatured facies outsmart you. TrollFace Quest USA is a game with an extremely simple point and click mechanism, thanks to which you look for suspicious and interesting-looking elements and conduct your own investigation. Watch out for misdictions!


TrollFace Quest USA is a popular quiz in the American version. You will meet characters from the world of pop culture and funny references to famous themes (Marylin Monroe? Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? This is just the beginning!). If you value your smarts, choose a higher difficulty level right away and try to use as few hints as possible. Don't be discouraged by failures and keep trying. The game does not require any special commitment, all you need is some free time and an efficient Internet connection. Take on the cross-Atlantic version of TrollFace Quest!


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