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Funny games - a whole load of healthy laughter

Browser games are a mine of offers of various types, so no doubt it will be difficult for anyone to find something cool for themselves, even if they are very picky. Funny games are a frequently visited and chosen category, especially among people who spend time with friends or siblings and want to have fun. Are you bored of watching stand-ups on the streaming platform, but not bored of laughing to tears? Test internet amusers in a more interactive version.

The entire Troll Face Quest series is definitely a continuous occasion to laugh. Caricatured, slightly bizarre characters were drawn with great inspiration from the title trolls. These funny games are based on the form of a puzzle, which often turns out to have a really surprising solution. Discover the adventures of individual heroes and become the truest detective among them. Each version has several levels, so it's hard to get bored. The games have a simple point and click mechanism and are also available in themed versions - such as Troll Face Quest USA Adventure or Horror Troll Face Quest (perfect for Halloween).

Everyone can have a subtly different sense of humor, but Oome Dance will make almost anyone laugh. Here is a game where you prepare a tribal dance session for the Oome character. Between them there is a totem with pictures showing various dance steps - you have to adjust the character's movement according to the instructions. Do your job well and a dose of laughter from Oome is guaranteed.

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