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Feelings is a great topic for music, movies, books, and games! Love games are a broad, pink and very "cordial" category, based on this winging feeling. If you feel butterflies in your stomach and you don't have the head to do anything else - choose one of the games and sigh in your soul by clicking in the browser of your computer or mobile device (there are many options available for your phone or tablet!).

A popular love game mechanism involves two lovers finding their way to each other. You will find this, for example, in Love pins. You have various pins at your disposal, which have been stuck here and there out of spite, blocking the way. Quickly get rid of the obstacles and jump to the next levels, in which more and more sophisticated challenges await you. These are logical puzzles that will not let your thoughts drift too far. Another interesting game with a love theme is the Snail Bob kids game in the Love Story version. Help the snails in love get down to a nice meeting by removing the pieces that separate them.

Are you happy with witchcraft, horoscopes and fortune telling? Are you going to the St. Andrew's party? You've come to the right address - you will also find online ... Love test, or love tests! Just enter the names of two people in the appropriate boxes to find out how cupids assess their chances of a successful relationship, the level of chemistry between them, etc. Love games (not to be confused with love games!) Are a cool idea for a Valentine's evening at home.

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