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Name Matching - Measure the level of chemistry between people

If you are looking for a more modern way to make a credible "loves / does not love" divination - the name matching game is a proposition for you. Simple and intriguing fun in the puzzles category will bring you a lot of fun - and hope not to be disappointed! In response to the question about the magic well / glass ball / oracle, you will receive precise information on what can connect two specific people (or more, because in some versions of the game we are dealing with really liberal rules).

Name Match are games from the Love Tester series. In their basic versions, after entering the names and selecting the gender, you will find out what are the percentages of success of specific people in a romantic relationship. Thanks to this, you will find out whether it is worth talking to this colleague who mysteriously smiles at you, or whether it is better to avoid him at all. Who needs disappointments? Better to know right away!

A more advanced version of the Love Tester will allow you to learn more about the matching names. The divination system identifies four parameters - fit, friendship, chemistry, and passion - between persons. Thanks to this, everything will be clear! This type of fun is a great way to have St. Andrew's Day or Valentine's Day. Take the results with a grain of salt, but enjoy yourselves as you create love stories around you and your friends. What if you can imagine something nice for the future?

aplikacja mobilna