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Detector of love - love is in the air

Do you feel that something is going on with your friends? Maybe you are playing the fortune teller during St. Andrew's school fun and you need a professional tool that calculates the chances of a new relationship? The love detector is a fun game made just for you! Check if your friend from the parallel class is watching you with interest, or if your nose is just dirty and doesn't know how to tell you. You are just a simple test away from finding the answers to these and other questions. Ready?

Although it is known that this type of fun should be taken with a grain of salt, the entertainment is really great. The Love Test love detector will tell you what the chances are for your relationship with the person you love to be successful. If you are looking for a way to find out if your best friend's relationship with your new crush has a future at all costs - you are just one step away from finding the answer. Enter the names of the chosen ones and mark the gender of the people you are checking, and you will find out everything.

Hearts, angels, pinks, reds and pastel scenery - this is what the games from the love detector series look like. Depending on the selected version, you have access to specific parameters. To be sure the stars are in favor of the pair, check the chances of success with several different detectors. If the results are similar, there is a high probability that something is actually happening. Find out the level of fit, the degree of friendship between individuals, and the passion that can bring them together, all with this clever game.

aplikacja mobilna