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What will be the best games for Valentine's Day? As it is a festival of lovers, there is no doubt that these are full of hearts and romantic motifs. How about a bit of sweetness in games where your goal is to bring the separated characters together? This is the most popular theme for Valentine's Day games, which is implemented in various ways and with the use of interesting mechanisms.

One of the interesting proposals is the game Love Balls, which is a simple, two-dimensional puzzle game in which the main characters are two balls - turquoise and pink. The balls are far away from each other, so you have to figure out the best way to pave their way. This is a game in which players have to draw objects that allow characters to move across the board - for example, a lever, a bridge, or a corridor. This interesting and original game has got several versions, and each of them consists of many interesting levels. Choose one and become a messenger of love!

In order for the game to be called the perfect option for Valentine's Day, it does not have to be brocade-pink and sprinkle hearts everywhere. If you know the person with whom you want to celebrate this day well, choose their favorite games to have a good time. You can also be that person! Maybe you will choose a sports competition? Car races? Chess or card games? Or maybe puzzles without any competitive aspect? You can choose the color - not necessarily pink.

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