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About the game Home Pin 2

Home Pin 2 online: Family Adventure in a Mystery Mansion!

Play Home Pin 2 online now for free and start a fascinating adventure in a virtual world full of secrets and puzzles! In Home Pin 2 online you will play the role of a member of a family that has just moved into an old, neglected mansion. Your goal is not only to restore the house to its former glory, but also to discover the secrets hidden within its walls. Home Pin 2 online is a completely new version of the popular "pull the pin" puzzle game. Discover improved gameplay mechanics, an even more engaging story, and new challenges waiting at every turn. Solve complex puzzles, remove obstacles and open new paths to discover the secrets of the estate and help the family with everyday challenges. Collect coins and other rewards to renovate and decorate rooms. Create a dream space for each family member, taking into account their tastes and needs. Discover new locations, upgrade tools and learn the fascinating history hidden by the estate's inhabitants in Home Pin 2 online.

What's new in Home Pin 2 online?

  • an engaging family story - learn about the fate of the estate's inhabitants and help them solve their problems
  • improved game mechanics – even more challenges and satisfaction from solving puzzles
  • new tools and items - make renovations easier and discover the secrets of the estate in the free game Home Pin 2
  • the ability to create your own avatars - give the game a personal touch
  • beautiful graphics and refined soundtrack - feel the magic of the mysterious world of Home Pin 2 online

Play Home Pin 2 now and start your adventure in the mysterious mansion! The free Home Pin 2 game will provide you with hours of entertainment and satisfaction!

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