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Home Pin 1


About the game Home Pin 1

Home Pin 1 online: Solve the puzzles and build your dream house!

Play Home Pin 1 online for free now and take on the role of Edward, who has just moved into an abandoned house. Help him defeat the villains, save his wife, earn money and renovate the house. Only cleverness and logical thinking will help you transform this neglected building into a dream place for Edward's family! Home Pin 1 online is a combination of a logical pull-the-pin game with an engaging story and building elements. Use your intellect to solve puzzles, clear obstacles and open new paths in the free online Home Pin 1 game. Defeat the enemies who stand in Edward's way and help him regain his beloved wife. Collect coins and other rewards to improve and expand your house. With each level you complete, you will discover new possibilities and decorative items. Create a dream space for Edward and his family, overcoming adversities and enjoying the satisfaction of progress.

Why is it worth playing Home Pin 1 online?

  • captivating story and interesting characters - feel like a part of Edward's story
  • a unique combination of puzzles and building - develop your logical thinking and creativity
  • over 100 levels to complete - challenges for every player
  • beautiful graphics and relaxing atmosphere - immerse yourself in the virtual world of Home Pin 1 online
  • opportunity to compete with other players - test your skills

The free online Home Pin 1 game will provide you with hours of entertainment and satisfaction. Play Home Pin 1 online now and start your adventure in building your dream house!

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