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Familiada - exciting fun like on TV

Familiada is one of the iconic game shows broadcast on television for many, many years, based on traditional rules. Perhaps you associate it with television, and if not - here's a great place to check it out. Online, it can be as exciting as it is live! Check if you have enough cold blood to take part in competitions and see what categories you are doing well and what is worth training. Some general knowledge, a sharp mind, the ability to react efficiently and a good command of English will be useful. Are you in?

Each single game in Familiada lasts five minutes, so you do not have to worry that the whole thing will take you long hours. It is a great choice for a house party, a party with friends or a boring, prolonged trip, alone or in company. It starts with a statistical question for which you must provide 5 answers. For example, 5 species of animals per the given letter, 5 tools that are equipped with some structural part, or 5 types of human behavior related to a phenomenon. The categories can be various, so it is worthwhile to be curious and be really open-minded!

Remember that the response time in Familiada is limited - in the upper part of the board you can see a clock that counts down every second to the end of the round. You need to be precise about your passwords, because the second pitfall is the error count. You are allowed to make a mistake only twice, and the third incorrect answer (or being late in giving it) will result in failure of the given part. You'd rather avoid it, right?

The final round, just like in the game show, consists of several different questions to which you give a single answer as soon as possible. Remember, it's about figuring out how the respondents would respond before! Collect points for the most accurate shots, show sharpness of mind and freedom. At the end, the points are added up, and you gain ... a lot of satisfaction and, without a doubt, the appetite for more games and the desire to experience the adventure with Familiada again!

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