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Egg Farm


About the game Egg Farm

Egg Farm - Catch eggs and become a champion!

Egg Farm is an addictive arcade game in which you play the role of a clever fox catching delicious eggs from laying hens! Your task is to become an egg collecting champion and fill your mouth with the best morsels.

Remember to be careful! Not all eggs are created equal.

Golden eggs earn you points and help you reach higher levels.
Green eggs give you temporary immortality, so you don't have to worry about spoiled eggs.
Pink eggs increase your speed, allowing you to collect golden eggs faster.
Rotten eggs deduct points and slow you down, so try to avoid them!
The more points you earn, the more skins you will unlock for your fox so you can personalize it!

Why is it worth playing Egg Farm?

Simple and addictive gameplay - perfect for a moment of relaxation.
The fun farm and fox theme will delight both children and adults.
Different types of eggs add strategy and excitement to the game.
Possibility to personalize your character by unlocking skins.
The game is completely free and available online - play whenever you want and wherever you are!
Start your adventure in the world of Egg Farm today and become an egg collecting master!

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