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EG Fishing Rush - slow fishing

If the aquatic environment is your element, while working you dream of lounging by the lake or swimming in a boat and slowly catching colorful, sweet fish from the water reservoir - EG Fishing Rush will fulfill your dreams to the highest possible extent (simulation of real fun in fishing, with flooding offices inclusive may not be a good idea). Move to the harmonious world of aquatic nature and become a smart angler. Catch as many colored fish as possible each time you cast your rod and score a lot of points for them.

EG Fishing Rush is something for those who like unhurried but attractive challenges. Theoretically, the timer travels at high speed, but you don't need to worry too much if your fishing is doing well. Each caught fish extends the playing time by an appropriate episode. It's quite nice, isn't it? The better you are, the longer you can have fun before game over. And even after that, you can safely go back to the game.

The game is constructed in such a way that it can be played comfortably both in the browser of your computer (or laptop) and on a mobile device such as a tablet or smartphone. The larger the screen, the more comfortable the game is, but also the larger the viewing area - remember that. Also, when fishing, make sure to ignore those dark deep-sea fish with bulbs in front of you - not only are they not catching the rod, they can also pluck you of the trophies you are drawing!

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