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Pirates The Match 3


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About the game Pirates The Match 3

Pirates puzzle game! The match-3 is great fun in "Match 3". Pirate gemstones fall from above and you have to combine them effectively in at least threes to create the greatest possible combinations that give you huge amounts of points. The gameplay is fun, colorful and incredibly playable. I recommend!

Ahoy, pirates! It's high time to get on board and set off in search of a real adventure. You don't need a ship or a crew for that. All you need is a computer with internet access and... some free time to run Pirates! The Match-3. While it's one of many match-three games, it stands out from the competition enough to be worth a try.

Pirates Game Rules! The match-3

Pirates! The Match-3 is not just a loose collection of boards that we overcome one by one. The authors presented here our adventure on a hand-drawn map, on which we move. As soon as we manage to complete a given stage, we watch our pirate ship sailing towards the goal. And what awaits us at the end of the adventure?

Find out for yourself by defeating 62 levels of increasing difficulty (the first one is a tutorial explaining the rules of the game to people who have never played a match-three game before). And then... move from the first of the pirate bay to the jungle, where another 70 stages are waiting for you to complete. However, this is still not all. After getting out of the jungle, the player ends up in the city.

Every board in Pirates! The match-3 is a task to be performed (of course, related to rearranging colorful elements in such a way that they combine into at least three of the same kind) and a time limit in which we have to fit in. And the shorter the time we manage to complete a given stage, the bigger the bonus we get, so the motivation is quite high.

The audiovisual setting, which is one of the main advantages of Pirates, also encourages further fun! The Match-3. The graphics are mostly hand-drawn and smoothly animated, and the music makes us feel as if we actually stepped on board a pirate ship to experience an unforgettable adventure.

Features of Pirates! The match-3:

  • an extremely enjoyable match-three game,
  • three locations to visit (pirates cove, jungle and city),
  • well over a hundred levels to complete (within a certain time),
  • game available for free,
  • game available from a web browser.
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