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If you are tired of your daily routine and are looking for a pleasant escape from your duties, onlygames.io offers hundreds of fantastic games available from your browser. The pirates category will surely appeal to you, both due to its unique atmosphere and interesting challenges.

Pirate games will allow you to train your perceptiveness, for example when looking for hidden objects. The title "Pirates Hidden Objects" is a fairly classic game that consists in finding objects. The rules are very simple, just hover the cursor and then click on the indicated item. Complete the level before the time runs out and you'll get extra points.

The online game Pirate Ships Hidden is also about finding seemingly invisible details. Your task is to find hidden stars on successive boards. There are 6 levels, each with 10 stars waiting for you. Find them all before time is up! Be careful, pressing it several times in the wrong place will waste up to five seconds. Pirate games offer a lot of excitement as well as great experiences!

Treasure hunt is a typical activity for professional pirates, so no one should be surprised by the plot of the game "Pirate Adventure", in which the famous Blackbeard has hidden a valuable fortune, and you have to collect pieces of the map leading to a secret wealth. Show your math skills as you solve puzzles, retrieve the missing parts, and ultimately find the treasure! Pirate games can turn out to be quite a challenge, so you will have to do your best to complete this fun. There are many dangers to be faced in the world of pirates, and any sign of weakness can lead you to the bottom. Be careful and make use of your perceptiveness and cleverness!

Games in which pirates play the main role are great for younger, but also for experienced players. Everyone has a chance to find themselves in the world of independent sailors, who are not afraid of wide seas or any monsters. Feel the deck under your feet as you experience amazing adventures!

aplikacja mobilna