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Mahjong Mania


About the game Mahjong Mania

Mahjong Mania puzzle game! is the most popular Chinese board game that trains perceptiveness at the maximum level! Choose one of the three difficulty levels and see how you do!

Mahjong is a traditional puzzle game from China. One of the many legends about its creation says that it was invented by a fisherman for his companions, so that they had something to occupy their minds and get rid of the symptoms of seasickness. The game is indeed extremely addictive, so… who knows?

Thanks to the digital versions, this puzzle has become known all over the world, and its popularity is still growing. Try it for free, Mahjong Mania browser game! on Game Planet and see if it also distracts you from the hardships of everyday life.

Right from the launch of Mahjong Mania! takes the player into an oriental atmosphere, because the main menu is kept in a style referring to the colors and symbols associated with Asian countries. The Mahjong game board is lined with various tiles, called stones, on which there are colored symbols representing, among others, Asian signs, flowers, coins, seasons or animals. These elements are placed next to each other and on top of each other, in various configurations.

The object of Mahjong Mania is to remove identical pairs of tiles, provided that they are not blocked, i.e. they have no other tiles directly on their sides or on top of each other. Depending on the level of difficulty, a longer or shorter time is set for playing a level. The faster you complete the game, the better your chances of winning a trophy in the form of a trophy - gold, silver or bronze. The next stages are an increasingly difficult challenge.

Features of Mahjong Mania!

- Old Chinese puzzle game;

- Three difficulty modes to choose from;

- More than 100 levels to play;

- Pleasing to the eye, oriental graphics;

- Perfect mind training and relaxation all in one.

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