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Classic Mahjong


About the game Classic Mahjong

On onlygames.io you will find over several hundred online games, and all you need to play is a web browser! Choose from different genres and try your hand at puzzle, arcade or more demanding titles. You will also find timeless classics here, such as Classic Mahjong.

Classic Mahjong is the standard version of Mahjong originating from China, which has been delighting players around the world for many years. Faithful fans will have a good time with it, and amateurs will have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the rules. At the beginning of the game, there is a board with carefully arranged, characteristic blocks. Your task is to remove all elements from the screen by matching the pictures in pairs.

Classic Mahjong is a typical jigsaw puzzle, but it requires some thought on your next move. By removing the blocks, you reveal subsequent layers of the structure. Some will remain immobile until you reveal them to the left or right. Think carefully about your strategy because if you make a mistake you will lose your chance to win!

Classic Mahjong is characterized by beautiful graphics. The tiles feature images of flowers and birds, and even authentic Chinese characters. Fortunately, knowing them is not necessary to enjoy the fun. Some pictures differ only in details, so look carefully and don't get confused! After a few rounds you will surely recognize them much faster, but don't worry about the pace as there is no time limit. In the background there are graphics maintained in the aesthetics of the Far East, which helps to get into the atmosphere more.

Classic Mahjong allows you to switch to full-screen mode with one click to see the individual elements better, and to focus more on the game. If you feel like you can't make the next move, you can start over at any time. Take the challenge and join the countless fans of the most popular Chinese board game!

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