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Rolling City


About the game Rolling City

Rolling City - beast to the brim

Rolling City is a multiplayer game where players compete to create the largest ball possible. Wondering how the ball can grow? Well, here the spheres feed on ... demolition of city elements! The bigger your round weapons, the more things you can destroy and the faster you grow in size. Benches, lanterns, buildings - anything can become your food. Of course, as already mentioned, this is a multiplayer game so this isn't just your city to be massacred. Watch out for more experienced players, but don't spare the less experienced ones.

Rolling City provides a lot of excitement, dynamic action and the satisfaction of every winning round. If you want, you can stay here longer, there are thousands of players eager to compete at any time. Defeat them all: wait no longer and absorb other spheres like a lymphocyte and become the best player! For only one can be the greatest. Or one. Or one thing. Well, it has to be you!

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