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Birds Connect Deluxe


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About the game Birds Connect Deluxe

Birds Connect Deluxe - fun to connect birds

Birds Connect Deluxe is one of the children's games in which the animals play the first fiddle again. On the screen you have colorful cubes with birds of different species in front of you (judging by the colors and shapes - not only realistic) and your task is to combine them in pairs. However, you can only do this if you are able to connect them with a continuous line with a maximum of two turns. Will you take on a challenge in which you need to be perceptive?

Birds Connect Deluxe is a perfect proposition for a long, rainy evening in autumn. Pleasant, not burdened with any stress (related to, for example, the expiring time limit) can provide a lot of satisfaction and pleasure. Combine and act efficiently - removing the tiles from one of the pairs can make you gain access to the next ones, which will have a domino effect and bring you closer to the finale. Of course, as a player, the most important thing is to clear the entire board of all tiles.

If you decide to play Birds Connect Deluxe together with your children, you will provide them with training in mindfulness and cleverness, as well as logical thinking - without it, in such a game you will not move. Have a great time and maybe even organize a competition under the slogan "who will find more pairs"? Or maybe even run the game on multiple devices and see who will finish the game first? Regardless of the method, you will have great fun with pitted creatures in the lead role.

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