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Best Link


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About the game Best Link

Best Link is a simple and exciting game also for children. You can spend long hours with it, trying to overcome the tasks ahead of us as quickly as possible. What is there to do? Initially, the structure looks like a simplified Mahjong - we see colored tiles with various symbols, such as an owl, eggplant or a kitty. You have to find the matching pieces and click on them, and they will connect with a line. Check what pays off the most - the shortest or the greatest possible distance? In some cases, connection is not possible, and you need to clear obstacles in the way to move on to the next action.

Best Link game can be really addictive - climb the ladder of successive levels, get stars and diamonds, collect combos that will allow you to get even higher. Thanks to the vertical layout, which will work well on smartphones, nothing prevents you from taking Best Link in the queue at the checkout in a supermarket or at a bus stop.

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aplikacja mobilna